About Us

What is Shock Value?

The phrase “shock value” is used to refer to the potential of a phenomenon – whether it be an image, some text, or some form of communication – to bring out negative emotions in someone like shock, rage, anger, etc. With this in mind, we aim to push the boundaries of political and cultural opinion through our images, designs, and clothing pieces and use this to provoke a different meaning to life than most of the norm would imagine. We use our platform to pick your brain, and it could provoke rage or anger at the images shown, or even relate to your ideas that are unrepresentative by the norm, but that is the reason why we chose the name Shock Value. When you wear Shock Value, you become a walking statement. An art piece, forever in motion wherever you go. Make the most of your time on this planet and always make a statement whenever you wear Shock Value. sv shot